Cyberchondria – how googling symptoms can hurt you

Let´s be real, we´ve all done it – got a weird symptom but no time to go to your doctor´s office, so you google it just to be sure it´s nothing fatal – and the result? Everything ranging from a mild allergic reaction through sinus infection up to cancer or a never-heard-before cardiovascular disease. Will […]

3-ingredient recipes – quick, easy, and HEALTHY!

We all know that feeling when we finally get home in the evening and just want to relax with some quick & tasty yet healthy dinner, but for some reason, it´s nowhere to be found. It puts you in a difficult position because in the end, you´re going to have to abandon at least one […]

Breakfast cereals – often worse than no breakfast at all

Breakfast cereals have experienced their peak back in the 90s when all of us started eating chocolate balls or cinnamon squares covered with milk and our good-old bread with ham and veggies had fallen into oblivion. Kids certainly loved them and the advertisers knew how to get into children´s minds to create this irresistible craving […]


Have you heard about carob yet? Because this amazing chocolate alternative and a natural remedy together is going to sweep you off your feet. What is it actually? Carob is basically a fruit which grows on trees in Mediterranean area and looks a lot like pods of green beans or peas. They are vividly green […]

Flax seeds´ great health benefits

You´ve probably heard about flax seeds and their magical ability to “heal the gut,” as many have been advocating lately. The truth is flax seeds really are very beneficial for your health and we´re going to explain that more in depth below but nothing´s as easy as it sounds, not even flax seeds. They have […]

Healthy Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light, from now on all troubles will be out of sight… And hopefully it will be. However, we all know how traditional Slovak Christmas can turn into a quest for a doctor when the carp bone gets stuck on one´s tonsil, or when all the […]

How to stop overeating?

Have you ever found yourself grazing on a bowl full of food, eating mindlessly, thinking about something else, and suddenly realizing you´ve eaten the whole thing? It´s happened to an awful lot of us and the sad thing is many people cannot seem to be able to stop with this self-destructive behavior. Obesity epidemic is […]


It´s one of those “new” super foods that has been here for thousands of years but we have been ignoring it up until recently. Quinoa used to be perceived as sacred by the Incas in South America where they consumed it heavily thanks to its status – “mother of all grains.” In paradox, quinoa is […]


“When it comes to food, we need all the power we can get, because food can make you crazy. It hits you in the heart and goes to self esteem. It taps into all that is lonely and empty and needy, and promises to fill that emptiness. It triggers dark places. It can tie up […]

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds have been well-known worldwide for centuries but only Asian cultures seem to be appreciating their health-boosting properties in a respective manner. Although we´ve been using them in many traditional dishes, we have always perceived them as a nice crunchy bonus to the meals rather than something we can benefit from, while in reality, […]