As days get shorter, it´s cold outside
It´s the right time for hot chocolate tonight
But what would your skinny self have to say?
Drink your coffee, don´t get carried away!
How to please both figure and tongue?
Cocoa coffee will help you out!

We all love that chocolaty taste of cocoa – rich and delicate, but a lot of women try to stay away from it as far as possible. The reason is chocolate in its purest form. We don´t really use cocoa powder for anything else than creating chocolate nowadays, whether it´d be brownies, chocolate bars, or even a hot chocolate drink. The amount of sugar and fat added inside of these treats is striking, however, not in a good way. Then, it is quite sad that cocoa is now being perceived as a villain in our households whilst if using it in its raw form, its benefits are truly remarkable. 

*Cocoa benefits

100% cocoa powder is well-known for its high levels of antioxidants, as they´re believed to successfully fight heart disease and cancer. Moreover, since they increase blood flow to the brain, researchers suggest cocoa may be used to treat dementia, but also as an everyday brain function elevator after a rough night. The type of antioxidants contained in cocoa and other plant-based sources are called flavonoids and cocoa comprises 2-3 times more of them than red wine or green tea. The trick is, these only get released when heated, however, Mondieu espresso with 100% cocoa certainly fulfills this condition…
One tablespoon of cocoa powder has only 13 calories but even such a small amount is packed with nutrients, especially fiber, and minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. The University of Michigan Health System states that thanks to this mixture of micronutrients and a substance called phenetylamine, cocoa is able to boost serotonin and endorphins – the “happy hormones” which elevate our mood and prevent depression. In addition, the 13-calorie tablespoon of cocoa also contains 12mg of caffeine which will take care of your energy levels.

*Coffee benefits

Coffee, depending on a type and the serving size contains between 3 and 7 calories per cup. That would already make it a suitable candidate for a weight-loss aid but there´s an even better trait o coffee´s – it´s metabolism boosting. Studies have shown that coffee can increase your metabolic rate by 3-11% which will basically make you lose 3-11% more fat even if you´re just sitting down. Then, compared to cocoa, its caffeine levels are much higher – approximately 95mg, getting you active very quickly. According to a 2011 article in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, thanks to its “rich phytochemistry,” coffee has properties capable of reducing risk of diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer´s, or Parkinson´s. Lastly, the popular myth that coffee can give you heart disease doesn´t seem to be true. Yes, coffee can make feel jittery and increase your heartbeat but unless you drink 10 cups of strong coffee a day, these feelings are harmless. Actually, coffee has been proven to reduce risk of heart disease and even decrease blood pressure.

Why together?

We all want that delicate feeling of richness and luxury when going out to a pleasant atmosphere of a night-lit café seemingly out of reality. The mistake a lot of us are still making is taking it to extreme. Having a coffee? Why not café latte with home-made whipped cream AND a hazelnut flavor. Well, gobbling up the whole thing will actually make you feel bloated and guilty, and the approximate 400 kcal will pleasantly sit down on your belly. Hot chocolate can be a very similar story – if you choose a milk or white chocolate type and layer it up with sweetened whipped cream, you´ll get your treat but probably end up feeling bad about your decision. Of course, if you´re going out for a coffee once a month, you don´t have to worry and may just as well continue your monthly treat fest – but why not have a treat every day?
You can have your coffee AND your chocolate and you can have them TOGETHER. The trick is combining wisely. Our 100% cocoa coffee in Mondieu will give you your energy boost while you´ll still be able to savor the finest rich yet delicate flavor of your favorite drink. Plus, putting these health-boosting miracles together, you´ll be getting twice as many health benefits. So don´t give up on your favorite tasty treats because you´re eating healthy or losing weight. Get creative and enjoy yourself…

by Katarína Vicová

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