Why? Because we want you to eat healthily. Surely, you will enjoy a little change compared to the classic baguette and pastry. Many people suffer from celiac disease, many are ambassadors of a healthy lifestyle, and some only eat it because they like the taste. Millet and buckwheat have been here even before rice.

Millet is a grain which belongs to the oldest crops. Already in the Stone Age, it was consumed by cavemen. Usually, they used it to prepare porridge, soups, and pancakes. Grains were easier to grow, that´s why wheat, rye, rice, and corn got into the menu much later. Nowadays, it is the other way round. First we used a lot of rice and wheat, now we look at millet as a new trend. It is gluten-free, filing, and very nutritious. It contains all the macro- and micronutrients – protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Moreover, it has this interesting kind-of-sweet taste so you don´t need to use a lot of sweeteners with it. One more benefit – eat it to have healthy nails and hair. Then, if you want to go to Mondieu more often than to a dentist´s office, try our millet porridges and thus take care of your teeth.

Buckwheat has gone through a similar journey. It was first grown in Asia where it was a very important part of the diet. Later, it got here and allegedly it was one of the most popular foodstuffs.  Eventually it was pushed out by rice and potatoes but these days it´s getting its comeback. It is also gluten-free and it´s suitable especially in cold weather because it strengthens our immune system. It has a high share or protein and fiber, it helps our bodies activate energy and reduces depression and headache occurrences. Thanks to its fiber content, buckwheat absorbs cholesterol from the diet and thus prevents cardio-vascular diseases. It is one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Here in Mondieu, you can get both millet and buckwheat in a sweet or salty version. You will leave us not only satisfied, but full of energy.

by Katarína Vicová