Whether you´re a healthy-food fanatic or you just wake up and eat your coffee for breakfast, you must have heard about extra virgin (EV) olive oil and its magical healing powers, as described by many. The evidence is undeniable – olive oil is a natural medicine from the Mediterranean. Let´s see why:

* Extra virgin olive oil keeps your heart healthy

Thanks to its monounsaturated fatty acids it has been proved to reduce risk of heart disease and strokes, hardening of arteries, and breast cancer. It is believed that one tablespoon of EV olive oil first thing in the morning lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and has been referred to as having “an overwhelmingly beneficial influence on the lipoprotein spectrum.”

* Oleocanthal as a prevention of flu

Have you ever felt this weird tickeling sensation in your throat when eating a salad with olive oil, almost forcing you to cough? Then you have probably come across the very best extra virgin type of olive oil. The science behind it is this natural phenolic compound called oleocanthal which has highly anti-inflammatory properties, boosting the immune system, thus preventing common colds and flu, especially in the fall when the weather is changing rapidly. Oleocanthal has also been linked to destroying proteins in the brain which provoke Alzheimer´s disease. No wonder why Greeks and Italians have the lowest rates in Alzheimer´s.

* Heals from the inside, works its way out

Starting a day with olive oil can be a little bit difficult to swallow at first, so to make it a little bit more of a treat, try adding some to your shampoo or dip your fingers into a bowl to soften and hydrate the skin and nails. Some women also recommend it instead of a shaving cream to naturally heal and prevent red dots on your calves.

* Olive oil for body AND mind

A study of 12000 individuals conducted by University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria suggests that besides the health benefits of EV olive oil on the body, it appears to have a positive effect on reducing depression and other mental illnesses. The study concluded that those volunteers who had been consuming primarily olive oil compared to trans fats, have reduced their risk of depression by 48%.

*Olive oil as a weight-loss pill

One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil contains approximately 120 kcal, making it about 900 kcal in 100 ml. Despite this unpleasant feature, it can quite paradoxically help you lose weight. Studies have shown that EV olive oil produces much more of a happiness hormone serotonin than other fats, making you fuller and satisfied for longer. Moreover, the women who included EV olive oil into their diets for 8 weeks lost even more weight than the other group with a classic low-fat diet.

My next beauty treatment – Extra virgin olive oil!

by Katarína Vicová

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