Although we are already in a summer time for a few weeks, not everybody has gotten used to it yet. Can´t you get moving after winter and enjoy the first sun rays and a smell of awakening nature? Are you still working on an autopilot, not ready to get going? You´re not alone – we all know this lack of energy, nervousness, mood swings, and an infinite fatigue. Let´s try to prevent it all or at least minimize the effect of a spring fever.

Generally, it´s known that especially a high volume of vitamins, minerals, and enough of fluids can greatly refresh our bodies. We hear a lot about sleep but it´s important to realize that quality is more than quantity in this case. In the spring and summer months when sun is up already at 6AM, it is better to wake up early and start a day with a big plate of healthy breakfast. If you can, ride a bike or walk to work. For lunch, choose a lighter alternative like fish, poultry, or a salad. Instead of your favorite cake, indulge on fruit; and instead of a cup of coffee, take a hot chocolate. Right there, in chocolate, are the most important vitamins you need to get over your fatigue these days.

Incorporate a regular “reset routine” into your day in the form of light exercise, or a meeting with friends over a mug of hot chocolate. If you combine it with enough of sunlight, tiredness won´t even bother to bother you.

OUR TIP: Salad with goat cheese, beetroot, and nuts


by Katarína Vicová