To make coffee and bake cakes is not enough for us. To mix a salad and turn on a good music is not a challenge. Coffeeshopping is our mission and this is or manifesto.

We smile and say thank you. Our behavior towards our customers reflects the actions we would take if our grandma was checking out on us from behind the corner – polite and hospitable. A pleasant café is not only made by food, coffee, and music – half the experience is formed by a good service. Sure, sometimes it is not easy to smile all day long BUT we have chosen this work voluntarily, nobody forced us. In the end, if you liked it here, you will get back – and we will be happy to serve you food and drinks again. Talking about which, we want you to know that:

We are not gastro radicals. We don´t do the raw, low-carb, or gluten-free ideology. We like everyone the same, therefore you will find here food and drinks suitable for everybody – with or without sugar, using flour or gluten-free, baked and raw cakes, drinks with milk or lactose-free ones. All of our meals are connected with one and only – honest ingredients. If we don´t prepare something directly in our kitchen, we buy it from our friends who have the same mindset. We are strict about the only thing about food and that is:

We refuse to use Poisonients. What are poisonients? It´s meals and ingredients which restaurants put in front of a customer but wouldn´t give it to their own kids. These are honeys mixed with water and thickened by sugar. It is vegetables without smell, coconut milk full of additives, or hams made by gelatin and water instead of meat. We will rather serve you with pastry made with sourdough, vegetables from a farm, and ingredients without additives. The share of foodstuffs without any chemical compounds is being increased every year. If there is a way to substitute an ingredient by its organic alternative, we go for it. This is our declaration and we are not afraid to sign it.

by Katarína Vicová