The whole trick lies in absolute simplicity – eating small portions but often. Eating this way, your body won´t get the signal that it didn´t get enough nutrients so it won´t feel forced to store fat. As we well know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – some even claim you can – and should – get a real king breakfast, calorie-wise. The most effective food category remains vegetables thanks to its low energy density so you can literally pig out on it without a negative effect on your waistline. For some people it is not so attractive though – if you´re one of them, try changing order. Eat salad for as a starter at lunch – it will fill you up so you won´t eat so much of the other foods on your plate.

Actually, vegetables should be a starter in every meal you have. Then, if you have some cravings, try to stop them by munching on a few nuts or small fruit until the afternoon. For dinner, to prevent the well-known night grazing, combine vegetables with a lot of protein. The trick is, when you eat a meal with high-protein and high-fiber content, you will eat less and feel fuller for longer. Try making a plate with veggies, light cheese, lean meat or fish, and eggs.
Thinking about what to eat and planning on meals is not an easy task for everybody. If you have a stressful job with little time to eat, at least take some nuts or chopped carrots with you to work and make it easier for the pounds to go off.

Breakfast: Baked wholegrain crispbread filled with turkey ham, baby spinach, and Brie cheese
Lunch: Chicken salad with avocado
Dinner: Tofu salad with steamed vegetables


by Katarína Vicová