Although summer is now definitely gone, our vegan ice-cream won´t abandon you. Even in the cold, its icy nature and delicious flavors will melt your heart. Just take a scoop and enjoy the rush of chocolaty brownie richness or a refreshing raspberry treat.

How it all started

The “Veganista” ice-cream you can enjoy in Mondieu is the first-ever vegan ice-cream in Slovakia. It is distributed from Vienna by two sisters who, being vegan for more than 20 years, have decided to create the one thing they were missing in the vegan lifestyle – real creamy ice-cream like the one they loved as kids. They researched, travelled, interviewed, and experimented for 2 years to come up with the best flavors and tastes they possibly could. When Susanna, one of the business sisters and the ice-cream chef, was content with her final product, she invited a few vegans and non-vegans to conduct an experiment. She had them taste various flavors blindfolded; and was astonished when one of the non-vegan guests didn´t want to believe the ice-cream didn´t contain milk or cream. From then on, “Veganista” ice-cream has experienced an immense growth in popularity, no wonder why…

Healthy and delicious

One of the basic principles of veganism besides health concern is the importance of ingredients coming from a cruelty-free, non-artificial, and artisan environment. That is why most of the foodstuffs going into the process of ice-cream-making are organic and fresh. To prevent cross-contamination, due to a growing number of allergies and food intolerances, Susanna and Cecilia make sure that the ingredients they buy haven´t come into slightest contact with dairy. Then, all of the flavors are hand-made every day by Susanna and her sous-chefs to ensure the highest possible quality.
The ice-cream flavors contain soy, oat, or rice milk, or none in case of sorbets. For example, you can find soy milk in brownie, chocolate, or cookie flavor, oat milk in coconut flavor, or rice milk in vanilla ice-cream. Susanna and Cecilia have worked out more than 100 flavors already and are coming up with new Christmassy flavors like “Candied nuts” or “Roasted coconut.” Since we all want them to be fresh each day though, the types of flavors are varying. However, you can always find the most popular ones like chocolate, vanilla, or raspberry.

OUR TIP: Vegan ice-cream with matching-flavored macarons (tourist recommendation)   
*Get your scoop of Veganista ice-cream before the snow covers its beautiful color :)

veganista pod clanok

by Katarína Vicová

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